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Standing Up for Human Rights in the Okavango Delta

Standing Up for Human Rights in the Okavango Delta

"ReconAfrica's oil exploration activities have damaged homes, devastated subsistence crops, and destroyed land, illegally and without the consent of local Indigenous communities. They’ve demonstrated a complete lack of concern for the impact that their actions have on the fundamental rights of the local communities and the protected species will be driven closer to extinction." – Rob Parker, member of Saving Okavango's Unique Life (SOUL)

After years of persistent advocacy by GRAN and partners, a formal complaint against the Canadian oil and gas company Reconnaissance Energy Africa Ltd. (ReconAfrica) has now been lodged with the Canadian Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise (CORE), alleging human rights abuses in Namibia.  

This complaint to the Ombudsperson is a critical step in protecting the ecologically sensitive Okavango Delta region and the rights of Indigenous small-scale farmers and fishers who live and work within it. Click here to learn more about this important human rights case and the GRAN partner organizations that are working to protect the Okavango Delta and its people.