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Orange Campaign 2017 Photo Gallery

Toronto Panel:  'Leave No One Behind'

      Opening the space, Wanda Whitebird 

      The Raging Grannies sing 

          Introducing the event    

Speakers from Equality Effect, Globe & Mail and Interval House


Winnipeg Speakers' Forum, 'Getting Back Up'

             Speakers and Sponsors

    Frances Molaro and Forum Friends

Nancy Cosway, Elixabeth Aluk (Voices for South Sudan), Frances Molaro


        Ottawa Proclamation

      Ottawa Mayor with GRANs 

     Ottawa Launch, Hilary Elliott

  Ottawa Launch, Myrtle Blinn

Donation of cookies from Boka Bakery, Ottawa!


Science World Vancouver


Anvil Centre New Westminster

            Surrey BC Plaza

Port Coquitlam Sky Train Pillars

Bev Harris  and Gail Mullan, Port Coquitlam

Vancouver Convention Centre


BC Place


BC Place in Orange


Orange Box Brighton

Mayor Jim Watson, MP Anita Vandenbeld, MPP Yasir Naqvi and Councillors, Ottawa

Pat Dolan Ottawa Gatineau 

Ottawa March


Bunny Keeley and Anne Creighton Ottawa


Janet Wilkinson Ottawa


Phyll Drennan and grandchildren Ottawa


Toronto in Orange

Whitehorse City Hall

Ottawa Planning Committee

Golden Horseshoe GRANs

Toronto Grans and Raging Grans

Historic Port Hope

Historic Port Hope ON

Historic Port Hope ON

Ottawa Heritage Building lit up

Proclamation with Ottawa Mayor Watson and Politicians

Ottawa Proclamation with Mayor Jim Watson and Politicians

Ottawa Proclamation with Mayor Jim Watson and Politicians




GRANs across the country hold Orange Campaign Events!!!

Victoria GRANs at BC Legislature

Orange the World Rally Saskatoon, SK

Saskatoon GRANs in front of Prairie Wind Sculpture


Saskatoon GRANs with Mayor Charlie Clark



Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson,  Hilary Elliott GRAN co-chair, and 

Anita Vandenbeld MP with Orange Campaign Proclamation

Mayor, Hilary, MP Vandenbeld and Ottawa City Councillors

Folks of all ages at the Proclamation event


Grannies All About Kids at the Santa Claus Parade, Manotick (ON)

and here they are at the Metcalfe ON Santa Claus paradel

Orange ribbons: Beth Madole, Coburg (ON) Mayor Gil Brocanier, and Bonnie Symons 

Grandmothers AIDing Grandmothers, Ottawa


Vancouver in orange


Toronto:  Why Orange?  Ask us!

TORONTO in orange

 Toronto GRANs and Friends

Toronto City Hall

  OLDER WOMEN COUNT!  Ottawa, December 6

MJ Sterne, M Overduin, and L Bergeron,  welcoming committee

Ketty Nivyabandi, Burundi Poet and Activist

Peggy Edwards, chair of GRAN's Older Women Committee

Time for questions....

Table talk

Valerie Wright, Co-Chair, Education Working Group

University of Ottawa Professor Gordon DiGiacomo 

Grand River ON GRANS and CFUW

Colleen Stefanich at Grandmothers Matter, Vancouver

Pauline Barrett at Grandmothers Matter, Vancouver

Angela Kaida at Grandmothers Matter, Vancouver

Peg Herbert, Help Lesotho at Grandmothers Matter, Vancouver


Grade 12 Sociology Class, Brighton ON

Knitted banner, Brighton ON

Ottawa-Gatineau GRANs

Ottawa Letter Writing Campaign


Kelowna BC GRANs at their first meeting

One World Grannies, Ottawa

Science World, Vancouver

Christina Lake (BC) Pickleball Club Friends of GRAN


Golden Horeshoe GRANs (1)

Golden Horshoe GRANs (2)

BC MP Joyce Murray and Colleen Stefanich

Victoria BC Legislature Lit in Orange

Ann Frost, BC MP Pam Goldsmith-Jones,  and Heather Fraser

Calgary Advograms

Calgary Tower 

Calgary Advograms gather

Montreal GRANs

Halifax City Hall Lit in Orange

Coquitlam GRANs and the Sky Train Line

Coquitlam GRANs

Mayor, City Council and GRANs Fredericton, NB 2016

Sue McKenna speaking to Fredericton NB City Council 2016

Peterborough GRAN and CFUW Event 2016

Peterborough GRAN and CFUW Event 2016

Brighton ON Councillors and GRANs


Greater VAN GRANs 

Fin Donnelly, MP for Port Moody-Coquitlam with Gail Mullen and Bev Harris

Greater GRAN VANs at Bowen Island, BC  2016

Capital Grannies, Ottawa 2016

Ottawa-Gatineau GRANs 2016


GRANs and Friends, Ottawa 2016



                                Montreal GRANs, 2016



Montreal GRANs promoting Orange Walk via McGill University radio, 2016


Lynne Kent with UN reps, 2016


Wakefield (QC) GRANs, 2016


Northumberland GRANs (ON), 2016


BC Place

Ready for the 2016 Orange Campaign:  Colleen Stefanich and Heather Fraser

Ending Violence Agains Women Co-Chairs, Colleen Stefanich and Janet Siddall

Coquitlam Fountain

Greater Vancouver GRANs: 2015

Halifax City Hall

Oakville ON GRANs and friends with their Mayor

Ottawa Heritage Building

Toronto City Hall

Vancouver City Hall