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The Order of GRAN

Daniel's Order of GRAN 2018.jpg

Daniel Hegarty receives Order of GRAN at Hello Friends! 2018

The Order of GRAN is conferred to honour a person or organization that has made an outstanding contribution to the work of GRAN. The award recognizes that GRAN benefits greatly from the efforts of friends and allies who have given generously in many different ways to support our development and our advocacy work.  The Order of GRAN is bestowed with deep appreciation, respect, and gratitude.

Recipients of the Order of GRAN:


Maureen Murphy, Photographer

Maureen and her camera have been a faithful presence at many GRAN events over the years, documenting our history as it unfolds. Often when we want to show others who we are and what we’ve done together, we reach for a Maureen Murphy photograph. We are so fortunate to have had Maureen and her camera actively walking by our side. Maureen's website has become a true archival treasure for GRAN. We are grateful for the vision and skills Maureen brings to capture a picture of who we are together. She is such a support to our organization, generously bringing her expertise and professionalism to enhance our advocacy.


Dr. Elizabeth Vibert, Professor of History, University of Victoria

Elizabeth has contributed so much over the years to our learning, our awareness-raising, and our advocacy work, both locally and nationally. Nationally, GRAN has benefitted greatly from the webinars Elizabeth presented to us on food sovereignty and colonialism and the resources she generously shared. Closer to home, Victoria GRANs deeply appreciate Elizabeth's collegial friendship, her generosity with time, conversations, invitations to events, and feedback on projects they’ve undertaken. GRANs across the country have been inspired by Elizabeth's work with grandmothers in N'wamitwa, South Africa and the stories she tells of the resourcefulness, resilience, and community of older women through her documentary films, her writing, and her personal engagement with us. Elizabeth's work in the areas of gender, food security, food sovereignty, and human rights continues to educate and inspire us.


Daniel Hegarty

Ever since the launch of this website in 2015, Daniel has generously provided pro bono technical support. He has also freely and patiently given of his time to train and support an ever-evolving group of GRAN volunteers who step up to serve on the GRAN Web Team. In his roles as webmaster and chief problem-solver, Daniel fields numerous questions and requests, as well as the occasional panicked plea for help when technology goes awry, always responding with his characteristic calm and good cheer. Daniel's assistance has been invaluable for the smooth functioning of GRAN's website and communications.


Dr. May Chazan, Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in Feminist and Gender Studies, Trent University

For a decade, May made the Grandmothers’ movement, and then GRAN, the focus of her interest in women’s movement-building.  She was enormously generous in speaking to local groups and larger GRAN events, and always involved her students for intergenerational exchange and learning. Apart from being a most generous speaker, and frequent advisor to GRAN, her research involved conducting interviews with a number of GRANs (click here to listen to some of these) which resulted in several academic papers and chapters in her publications. She was also instrumental in motivating us to build and maintain an archives of our movement. 



In GRAN's formative days as an organization, the Banfield Agency led us on a "branding" journey to establish a GRAN identity in our public communications: our logo, our colours, the fonts and formatting used in GRAN publications. Their professional, attentive, and collaborative work on GRAN's behalf was conducted entirely pro bono.  At each step they went out of their way to ensure that GRAN members had opportunities to provide input and feedback so that our public face would accurately reflect our values and vision.  We are so grateful for Banfield's generous contribution to GRAN at a crucial stage of our development.


Richard Elliott HIV Legal Network 

In the early years of our movement, Richard provided invaluable guidance in honing our advocacy skills and strategies, especially as it comes to getting federal legislation passed.  He was instrumental in enlisting GRAN as an ally in a national campaign to reform Canada's Access to Medicines Regime (CAMR). (The goal of the campaign was to streamline an existing law so that affordable medicines could get to people with HIV in developing countries.) Richard contributed to GRAN's CAMR team, encouraging and supporting GRAN grassroots advocacy efforts, and serving as our go-to HIV-and-advocacy expert at every step. He taught us how to do effective advocacy and helped us establish our own advocacy "GRAN style". Without Richard's generous mentorship and collegiality, GRAN would not be where it is today.