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The Right to Food

GRAN'S POSITION ON The Right to Food

A Fundamental Human Right

GRAN recognizes access to adequate food as an inherent human right. The right to food is not about charity, but about ensuring that all people have the capacity to feed themselves in dignity. For this right to be fully realized, food must be available, accessible, adequate, and sustainable.1

Hunger Crisis

According to the World Food Programme (WFP), we are now facing a global food crisis of unprecedented proportions, the largest in modern history.  Millions are at risk of worsening hunger if urgent action is not taken. 2

In 2021, one in every five people in Africa was facing hunger. In the last year, moderate or severe food insecurity increased the most in Africa, the region with the highest prevalence of food insecurity at this level of severity. 3

This seismic hunger crisis has been caused by a deadly combination of four factors: 4

  • Conflict,
  • Climate shocks,
  • The economic fallout from the pandemic
  • Rising costs

These drivers of hunger and food insecurity, along with growing inequality, impact the quantity and quality of foods that people can access.5

All-of-GRAN Campaign for 2023

This year the GRAN community will be working to learn more about the complex issues around hunger and access to food, both at home and in the Global South. As our Right to Food Campaign unfolds, GRAN will be recommending concrete actions for food justice. Stay tuned.

Scroll down for our growing library of informative resources.

Also visit our Learning Events page for upcoming webinars and recordings of past webinars on global hunger and food security.


Page updated 01/2023

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