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Carbon Pricing and the Affordability Crisis: Fact and Fiction

Carbon Pricing and the Affordability Crisis: Fact and Fiction

Tremendous politicized hype and disinformation have been hitting the airwaves and social media lately around Canada's climate policies and, in particular, carbon pricing. Climate policies have nothing to do with the economic hardships Canadians are facing, yet some Canadian politicians are ignoring the real causes of the cost of living crisis and scapegoating carbon pricing to score political points. It is so important that these "bad faith" attacks on carbon pricing be countered with correct information, and that stronger action be taken to address the cost of living concerns of Canadians. Climate Action Network has issued a statement correcting the disinformation and suggesting policies that will tackle the climate and affordability crises simultaneously. GRAN has signed on to the statement. To read it, click here.  Please consider sharing it broadly with your networks.



Older Women Prevail in Landmark Climate Case

Apr 10, 2024

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