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Interested in Taking Part?

There are many behind-the-scenes ways to get involved in GRAN’s work. All our teamwork is accomplished by volunteers across the country who connect via phone, email, conference calls, and online video conferencing using Zoom.  

Some GRAN members participate in issues-based watch groups to do research and strategic planning for advocacy.  Our watch groups focus on a variety of human rights issues related to Access to Medicines,  Access to EducationEnding Violence Against Women, Mining Justice, and Climate Justice. 

Other GRAN members serve on committees to support GRAN’s work in a number of areas, such as keeping our website up to date and working on our archive project.  Some committees, such as the the bi-annual Hello Friends conference Planning Group, are short-term intensive projects, while others are longer term.

Volunteers help with writing and editing, with French translation, with book-keeping and minute-taking and more.  

Opportunities abound for you to use your skills and develop new ones. GRAN is a supportive community where we all pitch in and mentor each other as we take on new challenges and tasks.

If you have time, interest, and a skill you would like to share (or develop!), please contact us.  We’d love to have you join us.