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The Power in a Picture

The Power in a Picture

A recent photo series by Maasai photographers Claire Metito and Irene Naneu chronicles the growing care burden facing pastoralist women in Kenya who are on the frontline of the climate crisis. Visual storytelling is a powerful tool for their community, which faces marginalisation and illiteracy, and a way to disrupt the barriers that often keep their realities and perspectives from full view. Capturing the everyday experiences of two older women, the photographers provide an intimate view of the increased, and often undervalued, domestic load that they are shouldering to secure food, water, and fuel for their families.

“Getting behind the camera and hearing how people are being affected, that’s when I truly understood the extent of the situation we are facing with climate change.” – Irene Naneu

Click here to view Claire Metito’s and Irene Naneu’s images and to learn more about the daily lives of the women they have photographed.

And click here to learn about the non-profit organization Lensational, whose mission is to equip women from underrepresented groups and communities with cameras and photography training so they can express themselves and represent themselves with dignity.