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August Campaign for Official Development Assistance (ODA)

August Campaign for Official Development Assistance (ODA)

Back in 1969 Canada committed to contribute 0.7% of Gross National Income (GNI) to ODA and this target is also recommended for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  But despite our relative wealth, Canada’s current contribution is about .24% - the lowest since 2003. 

This month, please join GRAN in raising awareness of this shortfall by writing letters to the newspapers and asking candidates from all parties what they will do to reverse the cuts to ODA and bring Canada in line with other countries who are achieving the 0.7% goal.

Declining contributions means that many development programs suffer.  Increasing ODA means more money to provide food for the world's hungry; more money to protect children in war-torn countries; more money to provide antiretroviral drugs to treat AIDS; more money to improve maternal, newborn and child health; and more money for children's education and life-long learning.

The UK recently enshrined its 0.7% commitment in law--the first G7 nation to legislate this UN Development goal.  We want to see Canada pay its fair share too.


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