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Donations in memory or in celebration of a special occasion can be a meaningful way to honour a friend, colleague, or family member by supporting a cause that they care deeply about.

GRAN will send a card by mail to the person you are honouring with your gift. Each printed card includes a short description of GRAN’s work and can include a personalized message if you so choose.

Donations to GRAN may be made online or by mail. 

Your Gift
$ Amount in CAD

Please be aware that, even though we are registered in Canada as a Non-Profit Organization (NPO), we do not qualify for charitable status because our organization focuses on advocacy. We regret that we are therefore unable to issue you a receipt for income tax purposes.

Recipient Address
if different from honouree

Sample Card Interiors - In Honour and In Memory

Maximum 35 words.
Donor Information
Your email is necessary for us to send you a confirmation of your donation in lieu.
Donor Address
Please choose which payment method you would like to use. Once you have chosen, click on Submit to be taken to the payment options, including the PayPal link and the mailing address if paying by cheque.

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