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Small Sip #10: GRAN’s Response to Federal Budget 2023

For GRAN and more than 90 other civil society organizations focused on human rights, international development, and humanitarian assistance, the Federal Budget last week was a big disappointment, and the breach of a promise. Canada has failed to deliver on its commitment to increase international development assistance every year towards 2030 to realize the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.1  In spite of urgent needs around the world, particularly as we face a global hunger crisis, the Canadian government has instead reduced its investment in international aid by $1.3 billion, a 16% drop when compared with last year's budget allocation. 

Now, with less funding flowing to the Global South, the quality of Canada’s international assistance will be all the more important. Quality of funding includes assistance targeted to the most vulnerable countries, support for people at the local level, support for women-led organizations, and funding that is provided in the form of grants not loans. This will be the focus of GRAN’s Right to Food campaign over the next three months.

Dig Deeper…

Canadian aid sector responds to Federal Budget 2023  -- We encourage you to read this news release, issued by the Bigger than our Borders coalition of which GRAN is a member.

International development groups say budget cut will end Canadian programs abroad Canadian Press article -- Learn more about the impact the 2023 budget cut will have on aid programs, including concerns that funds originally designated for sub-Saharan Africa were re-allocated to support Ukraine and its neighbours.

Make your disappointment known.

Consider writing to your MP with your response to the government’s failure to deliver on its international aid commitment.  GRAN Co-Chairs have written a letter to the Prime Minister and cc’d the Finance Minister and the Minister of International Development.  You can read GRAN’s letter here to help give you inspiration for your own.


[This is the tenth installment in GRAN’s Small Sips series on The Right to Food.]



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