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GRAN Action: Vaccines for Africa Now!

Hello GRANs,

It comes as no surprise that COVID-19 variants like Omicron are emerging in African countries. Ever since the arrival of effective vaccines, the world’s poorest nations have been unable to access their fair supply due to vaccine hoarding by wealthy countries and the profit-making focus of large pharmaceutical companies. People in poorer nations have been left unprotected as a result. Africans are now also being punished with travel bans and other restrictions because they are being blamed for these variants.

The answer to new variants is not travel bans. The real answer, the effective answer, is to vaccinate the world now. 

While Canada and other G7 countries have promised to share vaccines, only a small proportion of what was committed has actually been delivered. For example, Canada promised to share 40 million doses, but so far has only delivered 1.3 million. We cannot simply stand by as Canada and other wealthy nations stockpile vaccines (for how long? to what end?) while African countries are still waiting for critically needed doses. 

GRAN has continued to push for vaccine equity whenever and wherever we can. We've sent videos, letters and messages to the Prime Minister, cabinet ministers and other world leaders, while also supporting the efforts of allies like Amnesty International, ONE, Results, and Global Citizen on social media. Thanks to each of you for your part in these efforts. 

We feel there is a new urgency now, and perhaps a real opportunity, as the world wakes up to this important truth: "We are not safe, until everyone is safe."

Will you add your voice to the call for immediate action from the G7 nations?  There is a petition circulating now, initiated by Amref Health Africa (African Medical and Research Foundation), urging world leaders to share doses and end vaccine injustice in Africa. You can find the petition here. Please share it widely.

Thank you for your continued solidarity and actions for vaccine equity.  

Janet and Pat

GRAN Co-Chairs