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Aeroplan Campaign 2020

As a 100% volunteer organization, GRAN is grateful to be a part of Aeroplan's member donation program to help cover our travel needs. Each November/December, GRAN invites our members and friends to donate Aeroplan miles to the GRAN account. In “normal” times these donated miles enable travel to face-to-face meetings and participation in regional and national conferences. During the COVID-19 pandemic GRAN has suspended all plans for face-to-face gatherings. However, we still invite your contributions of miles this November and December so that when life returns to a new normal, we will be ready with a healthy Aeroplan balance to make cross-country travel possible for our members.  

We encourage you to donate miles if you are able and also to spread the word about our Aeroplan campaign among friends and family.

If you are not an Aeroplan miles collector but would still like to contribute to GRAN’s travel account, we invite you to make a monetary donation and earmark it for “GRAN travel”.  

To donate Aeroplan miles: 

Simply click on the logo below.

Update!  Aeroplan has recently changed its website. Some GRANs have since found donating a bit convoluted.  And we were dismayed to see that our goal is showing as 100% reached when we have only just begun to collect this year's donations!  Aeroplan knows of the issues and their team is working on them.  In the meantime, yes, please, we welcome donations of miles.  And, after some experimentation, it appears that the best approach with the new Aeroplan donations process is to sign in to your Aeroplan account first before trying to donate. You can go to the Aeroplan donations website at this link:  and sign in with your Aeroplan number.  Once you've signed in simply enter "GRAN" in the Search Charities bar on the Aeroplan donation site. This will help you find our Aeroplan member donation page. Our apologies that this now requires a few steps.  We hope you persevere.  Thank you! 


To donate $$:

Please click here for our donations page where you can donate on line as well as find our mailing address for donations by cheque. 

Thank you for your generous support that makes the ongoing work of GRAN possible.   




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