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Sonrise Baby, Mirembe Girls and Home of Hope


Sonrise Baby Home


Pauline and children


Annie and children


Beautiful child


Angela and baby Brian, one month old


Jenny and Coleen at Sonrise


Jean helping with cooking the posho

Merimbe Cottage for Girls


Marilyn and girls at Merimbe Cottage


Girls in new Pillow case dresses


Dancing with Lillian

Home of Hope

Most of the children here were so severely disabled that

we did not feel comfortable taking many photos


Jenny and boy


Grandma has Rights Too

Jan 07, 2021

“It is time to show leadership on protecting the rights of Grandma and other older people.  To show appreciation for the enormous contributions that older people make to families, communities... Read more

Launch of #AfricaEducatesHer Campaign

Oct 18, 2020

Girls’ education in Africa is at risk. The disruption to education from COVID-19 has placed girls at higher risk of falling behind in school and of permanently dropping out of school. This is due to... Read more

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