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May Advocacy Action

May Advocacy Action

Increase funding for education in sub-Saharan Africa

GRAN is concerned about the drop in Canada’s financial commitment to education. We know this government is committed to education, as was reflected in the 2016 Budget. We hope that it will result in greater amounts of our foreign aid going to  help girls and women in sub-Saharan Africa by “Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and providing life-long education for all”  (SDG #4). .

During the month of May, please join us to write letters to your MPs to highlight our concern.    To learn more about GRAN’s position on education and acccess background information and templates, go to Campaigns – Education – Resources for Education on this site.

Grandmothers in Africa know the importance of education – that is why they are working so hard to ensure their grandchildren go to school.  Let’s help them by reminding our MPs of the vital role of education in all societies.