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Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

GRAN is concerned that the TPP will slow access to affordable medicines because of provisions to increase patent protection on medicines.  This will have an impact on the cost of drugs worldwide and be especially devastating in Sub-Saharan Africa where the rates of HIV/AIDS are so high. 

During the month of April, please join with the Council of Canadians to make our voices heard by signing their online letter to the Prime Minister and the Minister of International Trade.  It calls for legitimate public consultations and removal of provisions regarding pharmaceuticals.  Follow the link below:

Please share this link with colleagues, friends and family.  And visit our web pages for more information about the TPP

Also, if you have not already done so, consider asking for a meeting with your MP or sending a letter about the dangers of ratifying the TPP.  Log into our “members” page for helpful background resources such as letter templates.