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Motion M-132


Canada Motion M-132 on Health Research was presented in the House of Commons on November 8, 2017 and passed on to the Standing Committee on Health. The motion called on the Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health to undertake a study of federally funded health research to understand how best to ensure that the results of this research increases access to – and lowers the cost of – medicines in Canada and globally

The Standing Committee on Health submitted its report to the House of Commons in late November 2018. The committee’s report is titled: Towards Open Science: Promoting Innovation in Pharmaceutical Research and Development and Access to Affordable Medications Both in Canada and Abroad.

Written and oral submissions from health researchers, patient groups and civil society organizations, including GRAN, were key to the work and development of the report.

Included in the report’s nine (9) recommendations are the following three (3):

  • That the Government of Canada create a specific funding mechanism for the development of clinical trial research and infrastructure in Canada through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.
  • That Health Canada develop regulatory incentives for pharmaceutical companies that commit to open access to their research data and affordable prices for their products.
  • That the Government of Canada explore the feasibility of the public manufacturing of generic medicines.

To read the full Standing Committee report, .

GRAN supports the Standing Committee’s report and awaits the House of Common’s response to the report’s recommendations.


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