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GRANs in Uganda - Kiryowa and Family kits





First night at Sergios in Jinja

Angela and Godfrey riding the truck ful of suppies

Angela and Godfrey - loading supplies


Carrying bananas


Pat carrying bowls for family kits


Jenny, Pat and Lilian riding in style


Vice Principal Kiryowa school


Tools for keeping peace and security


Students, Pastor James, and VP at Kiryowa School


Heather giving out stickers


Villagers and children


Common sight - youngsters carrying babies


Family receiving kit


Family receiving kit

Joyful welcome.jpg

Joyful welcome in Kiryowa

Welcome ululation.jpg

Joyful Ululation

Baby with ladies.jpg

Baby with ladies

Richard buying mattresses.jpg

Richard buying mattresses

Family to receive kit.jpg

Family to receive kit

School at Kiryowa.jpg

School at Kiryowa

Boy in field.jpg

Boy in field

Kids in Kiryowa.jpg

Kids in Kiryowa


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