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GRAN Actions for March

On Climate Justice: 

Sign the House of Commons Petition e-2395  and share it electronically within your GRAN groups, community groups, family and friends. Sponsored by MP Elizabeth May, Petition e-2395 calls on the Government of Canada to commit at least 50% of Canada's public climate finance for developing countries towards climate adaptation, and at least 15% towards projects that target gender equality as a primary objective. 

For more information on Canada’s international climate finance, and how it can meet the needs of women and girls in developing countries, check out the policy brief developed by the Canadian Coalition on Climate Change and Development. 

Please help us begin to build momentum in GRAN for climate justice by signing Petition e-2395 today!


Climate Change: Suffering in Silence

Mar 23, 2020

Suffering in Silence, a report recently released by CARE International, identifies the ten most under-reported humanitarian crises of 2019. Nine of the ten crises occurred in sub-Saharan Africa... Read more