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GRAN Action on Food Security: Tweets and Emails to the Minister of Finance

Dear GRANs,

We have a window of opportunity to influence Canada’s five-year pledge to international climate finance. 

Sub-Saharan Africa is on the front line of the climate emergency.  Extreme and unpredictable weather events have resulted in crop losses and have degraded agricultural land, resulting in chronic hunger for millions of people across the African continent.  Funding is needed now to assist small-scale farmers in building resilient local food systems.  For background on this issue, see the recent GRAN presentation on climate and food sovereignty by Dr. Elizabeth Vibert and this 3-minute video from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

Please show your support for small-scale farmers in sub-Saharan Africa by "tweeting" to the Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Finance, asking her to include food security in Canada’s funding for climate adaptation. GRAN Co-Chairs sent an Open Letter to the Minister on this issue last Friday.  We are asking you to reinforce this message with your tweets. If you are not on Twitter and wonder how you can support this action, you can send an email to Finance Minister Freeland at in support of GRAN’s Open Letter. (You can download and attach the letter or simply copy and paste this link into your message: .)   

Below is a sample tweet for you to use. It's pretty simple.  Please type or copy and paste the text below to your Twitter page. But don't hit tweet yet!  If you want to include the photo, just right click on it. Then click "copy image". Go back to your Twitter page and paste the image below your text.  Now you're ready to tweet! If you'd rather, just watch for GRAN's tweets and re-tweet those.  


Sample tweet:

 Canada must pay its fair share of int'l climate financing, including support for regenerative agriculture in the Global South. Farmers and women-led groups can lead the way to climate solutions. Our  Open Letter:


Thank you for your tweets and emails!  

Janet and Pat 

GRAN Co-Chairs