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Trans Pacific Partnership

GRAN'S POSITION ON Trans Pacific Partnership

The Trans Pacific Partnership appears to have reached a stalement with the withdrawal of the United States from the agreement.  While there is still some speculation about the remaining countries negotiating trade deals, for the time being this campaign will be suspended.  Any trade deals, bilateral or otherwise, will be watched with the hope that patent protections and Intellectual Property provisions are not as devastating as what was in the TPP.

Why does GRAN care?  The Intellectual Property provisions will lengthen and strengthen patent protection and allow for longer data exclusivity so it will take much longer to access more affordable versions of life-saving medicines.  In Sub-Saharan Africa only two-thirds of adults and one-third of children with HIV receive the treatment they need.  The delay in access to generic medicines means this tragedy will continue.

There are serious implications in Canada as well particularly for the provincial governments navigating rising health care costs.