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Get Involved (1)

There are many ways to participate in GRAN, and you can be involved as much or as little as you like.  Here are some possibilities:   

Take part in an advocacy action

  •  to receive regular email notifications as well as our monthly e-newsletter, The GRAN Update, to stay up to date with our current advocacy actions and campaigns. 
  • Click on our CAMPAIGNS tab above to find out more about ongoing advocacy efforts in Ending Violence Against Women, Ensuring Access to Affordable Medicines, and Ensuring Access to Education.

Become a GRAN ‘Participant’

  • GRAN participants are those who support the GRAN’s mission which is “to advocate in meaningful and strategic ways for the human rights of grandmothers, vulnerable children and youth of Sub-Saharan Africa”.  to read more about GRAN's mission and focus. 

Follow GRAN on Twitter  

Donate to Support GRAN   

We rely entirely on donations to cover our campaigns and our operations.  We are  staffed completely by volunteers who work from our homes.  Any and all contributions are gratefully received. 

Aeroplan miles support our occasional but essential travel to meetings and conferences.